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Invest In You

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Over the course we will focus on YOU and only YOU! Our programme is a combination of online modules and workbooks, along with a participant's forum which is all completed on your terms. The programme begins by asking you a series of questions to truly self-reflect on your life right now. We go deep and encourage you to create goals and an area of focus for the programme. Over the course of eight modules, you will learn about you and create a solid wellbeing plan which will create immediate and future wellbeing success. We start by focusing inwards and expanding your self-awareness. We then create your personalised wellbeing plan with clear goals and actions for success. We go deeper into your current life and explore your work life balance, your boundaries and create your ideal balance and boundaries with ways to embed these. We then move to your self-care, building a sustainable and realistic self-care plan which will help you to re-energise and take time for you. We then turn our attention to mental health, exploring your own mental health and developing ways to boost and build your mental health. Finally, we wrap it all up by focusing on your resilience and encouraging you to create tools and techniques to build your resilience to ensure the long term success of your wellbeing goals, plans and activities.



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