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Coaching & Development

Our coaching development programs cater to both individuals and teams, allowing us to personalise the experience to your specific needs. Whether you're a team leader or working alone, we'll work closely with you to understand your objectives to achieve success.

Our coaching services cater to individuals and teams at every level of an organisation:

  • On an individual basis, coaching provides a confidential environment to explore, discuss, and navigate current and future challenges, difficult situations, and unexpected events. 

  • On a team level, coaching encourages team engagement and communication, while creating a secure space for individuals to discuss all facets of their roles, anticipate and overcome challenges, and collaborate through productive conversations to develop constructive solutions. 


Individual Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching will assist you with all areas of your life, both personal and professional. We encourage you to develop the habits and carry out the actions you need to lead a fulfilled life.

How Does it Work?

Start by expressing your interest and arrange a discovery call with Donna Reilly People and Wellness. 

You’ll receive our rates, contract and pre-questionnaire via email for your review and consent.

Donna will choose the associate on our team who can best support you and your goals. 

Once invoice is paid, coaching begins with a custom plan put in place for your needs. 


Team Coaching

Typically team coaching includes a combination of 1 to 1 coaching sessions and a team coaching and development sessions to offer the individuals, confidential space and time, and, to also bring the team together to collectively discuss challenges, obstacles, goals and actions.

The team will get an opportunity to get to know each other as a team, learn more about the team and how we work together.

The objectives of the team coaching sessions is to embed a positive team atmosphere where everyone is aligned to the same goal, mission and values.

Psychometric assessments greatly compliment the coaching journey for the individual and team. We have several assessments we can incorporate into team coaching.

How Does it Work?

Start by expressing your interest and arrange a discovery call with Donna. 

Based on that initial conversation, we will prepare a bespoke proposal for you to review. 

Timeline and structure will be agreed on before your tailor-made plan is put in place. 

I would recommend Donna to anyone looking to work with a coach. Over just four sessions I was able to gain clarity and confidence about my personal style and my career goals. The work with Donna was no doubt a huge help in being successful in the search for my next challenge, and I hope to work with her again in the future. 

Kate, General Manager, Charity Sector

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