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Wellbeing Workshops

Our aim is to provide individuals with the tools and practical steps they need to boost their overall wellness. 


Depending on your business needs, wellness workshops can be carried out online or in person. 

Our expert coaches and workshop facilitators will then prepare a bespoke approach designed to meet the specific needs of your business. 


We create, lead and carry out all workshops and workshops to promote a holistic approach to wellness.

Wellness workshops are virtual or in person wellbeing workshops covering a specific area of wellness.


  • The workshops last for approximately one hour including time for Q&A.

  • Interaction is encouraged using breakout rooms, polls and the chat function if virtual or breakout groups if in person.

  • If virtual, the client can request recordings of the workshop for an agreed timeframe.

  • The workshops include up to date research, studies and best practice while offering tangible tools and tips for all employees.

  • Each workshop signposts and links individuals to specific in-house programmes and supports which can further assist their overall wellbeing.

Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing

Building Team Connection & Relationships

We are members of many teams. However, most of us spend the majority of our week interacting with our work team. It is important to take time out and focus on this team specifically. This workshop focuses on building relationships by getting to know each other better to increase team connection. It includes exercises to build team engagement to collectively understand each other.

How to improve career confidence 

This workshop aims to develop an increased awareness of confidence levels and how it can affect your well-being and career development. The attendees will leave the workshop with an understanding of how lack of confidence can present and simple practical ways to improve their confidence. We cover tips to increase your confidence both in the long and short term. The tips are science backed and include ways to address automatic negative thoughts, and imposter syndrome. Cognitive based therapy techniques are included.

Self-awareness for career development 

This workshop aims to help attendees improve their self-awareness to make informed decisions about how to develop their career. We cover simple, practical questions on how to discover your strengths, values & where you find a sense of meaning in your work. This is a practical workshop where attendees are encouraged to bring a pen & paper and answer journaling questions to discover their strengths, values & sense of purpose. We end with assisting the attendees to set intentions on how they can use this information to plan for their career development.

Creating a Culture of Connection: Understanding the role of relationships in the workplace

This workshop on the importance of relationships in companies is an empowering learning experience designed to highlight the critical role relationships play in organisational success. We look at methods to foster stronger connections and enhance collaboration among employees. Throughout this workshop we focus on developing important relationship-building skills including effective communication, emotional intelligence, empathy, active listening, conflict resolution, appreciation and recognition and teamwork. You will gain valuable insights into understanding diverse perspectives, managing conflict constructively and building connection and trust among team members. This workshop equips employees with the tools and knowledge to establish healthy working relationships.

Igniting Purpose and Passion in your work

This workshop looks at the vital importance and role of meaning for individuals in the workplace. Attendees explore how finding purpose and meaning in their roles positively influences motivation, engagement, and their overall wellbeing. Through a combination of exercises, including discovering intrinsic motivation, aligning values, meaning mapping, Ikigai exercises, future visioning, sharing and reflection and fostering a sense of belonging and contribution, participants will uncover their unique purpose, reignite their passion for their work and create more positive impact in their professional life.

Thriving through Challenges: Unleashing Resilience and Mental Fitness in the workplace

This workshop focuses on the importance of Resilience and Mental Health for employees, offering valuable insights and strategies to promote well-being and enhance workplace productivity. Attendees look at the critical role of resilience in managing and dealing with stress, adapting to change, and maintaining their mental fitness. Through expert guidance and reflective exercises such as the anatomy of strengths, stress management techniques, breathing and mindset tools, coping strategies, a wellness action plan and building a supportive network, participants will be equipped with knowledge and methods to cultivate resilience and prioritise their mental health.

Thriving through Challenges: Setting the Stage for Success: Enhancing Productivity, Joy and Connection in your workplace

This workshop on the importance of your workplace environment for employees offers important nuggets into how your physical and social environment can impact wellbeing and productivity. Participants will look at the influence of their surroundings on mood, focus and overall satisfaction. Through practical exercises, such as breakout and listening spaces, creative exercises, movement breaks, clear communication frameworks, noise management and wellness considerations, participants gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a supportive, inclusive, and inspiring work environment. These strategies intend to optimise their physical and social workspace, empowering employees to take more ownership of their environment, leading to increased creativity, engagement, and workplace satisfaction.

Building your Career Brand 

Having a career plan is often like building your personal brand and knowing what you want to be ‘famous’ for. It’s about knowing and honouring yourself through your work - it’s an inside job. This workshop focuses on my ‘Building your Career Brand’ framework. This is a four-step framework that starts with clarity and is about getting to the core of who you are, what you value, what lights you up, and what you are skilled at. Only once you have this clarity can you look ahead at what you want in your career and identify how to get there.

Creating a Hybrid Work Life Balance

This workshop will give you a selection of tools and techniques to create a hybrid work life balance and maintain your mental health, wellbeing and all elements of your lives while working both from home, and from the office. It will help to prepare for the practical aspects of the change in working environment, focusing on the importance of finding time and space for you in this new way of working.

Playing Big 

This workshop focuses on how to notice that inner critic, what to be aware of. Common traits of the inner critic and what may show up for you. It also covers checking in to see if it is the inner critic 'talking' or realistic thinking. It is for anyone who wants to develop in their careers (or lives!) and feels that they are holding themselves back.

Feedback and Forward

Do you ever give feedback? Is this something you do on a regular basis? Have you ever received

feedback? In this workshop, we will look at the two main types of feedback, the impact of feedback and some practical tips on how to improve giving feedback. Have you ever delivered Feedforward? We will share reasons why and when you might choose to use feedforward.

Mental Heath & Mindset
Mental Heath & Mindset

Winter Wellness 

Studies show that extreme weather changes can negatively affect mental health. As many as 2 million people in the UK currently live with the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Two fantastic ways to maintain wellness through the winter months are by focusing on your resilience and your self-care. This workshop seeks to educate individuals on resilience and self-care, what they are and the important role they have in our lives. Attendees will focus on their own resilience and learn how to build this. They will also create a tailored self-care routine which will work for them and help them to re-fuel, re-energise and re-nourish themselves over the winter.

Developing Balance & Boundaries 

This workshop examines the importance of Work Life Balance & Self-Care for busy attendees who are experiencing overwhelm and blurred boundaries between their work and personal lives. It will help you to take time to examine your current work life balance, develop a balance and boundaries that work for you, explore a range of self-care tools and techniques and build a self-care routine which fits in to your life and includes activities that will work for you.

Supercharge Your Self-Care 

Whatever our work life balance, it can be sometimes difficult to find time for us. This workshop will examines the importance of Self-Care for all. Our lives can be quite busy. Some of us may be juggling multiple priorities between our work and personal lives and finding it difficult to create space and time just for us. This workshop will help attendees to take time to examine their current work life balance and create time and space for you. They will explore a range of self-care tools and techniques and build a self-care routine which fits in to their life and includes activities which will work for you.


Understanding You – Mindset 

Adaptability is a fantastic skill to have, particularly when faced with stressful situations, challenges or when dealing with pressure. It all begins with understanding you. This workshop focuses on your mindset, or, how you think. It includes exercises for attendees to determine their own mindset preferences. It offers insights to help understand when your current mindset is no longer serving you and how you can adapt to succeed.


Understanding You – Behaviour 

Continuing on from the Mindset workshop, this workshop focuses on your behaviour, or, how you act. It includes exercises for attendees to determine their own behaviour preferences. It offers insights to help understand when their current behaviour is no longer serving them and how they can adapt to motivate, problem solve and overcome challenges.

Building Positive Mental Health (Individuals) 

Feelings of overwhelm, stress, and burnout can negatively impact our mental health and overall wellbeing. This workshop seeks to help attendees understand mental health. It looks at how stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout can impact our mental health. It encourages attendees to look inwards and begin to recognise some of the early warning signs of a change in our behaviour, body, or mind. We will then focus on building positive mental health, exploring how to ask for help when needed and insights, tools, and tips to take ownership of our mental health and find ways to promote and build our own positive mental health.


Building Positive Mental Health (Managers) 

Managers have a key role in supporting mental health within their team. This workshop will help
managers understand and support a positive mental health within their working environment. They will gain skills to recognise some of the early warning signs of behaviour change, what prevents people asking for help and how they can have a wellbeing conversation with a team member. The workshop also offers tools and tips for managers to promote and build their own positive mental health.


Building Resilience 

In the Building Resilience workshop, we cover how resilience presents and how we can build up our resilience banks to help us during periods of high demand. There will be simple tips on how to build up our resilience reserves from positive psychology. The workshop includes time for self-reflection and journaling so that the attendees can leave with a personalised plan.

Burnout prevention 

During this workshop attendees will learn more about burnout, the differences between stress etc. They will also understand the main triggers for burnout using the latest research. They will walk away with an understanding of the main triggers and the main research on how people can avoid burnout. They will be encouraged to think about how they can apply this thinking to their own lives.

Increasing Resilience 

Tapping into our resilience is a great way to maintain overall wellbeing. However, for most of us, our resilience is constantly tested. We continue to overcome challenges and persevere. This workshop seeks to educate attendees on resilience, what it is and the important role it has in our lives and to our wellbeing. We will focus on you as an individual, assessing your current levels of resilience and learning how you can increase and build on this when needed.

Creating a positive mindset

Everyone experiences negative thoughts. It’s a normal part of being human – but we can make a choice about whether to accept these thoughts or challenge them. This workshop will help attendees identify negative thought patterns and help them unlock the ability to replace a negative thought with a positive one. Where negative thoughts are left unchecked, our well-being can be affected, this workshop is a combination of mindfulness and visualisations along with science-based techniques to help change our thinking to be more positive.

Disconnect to Reconnect 

If you’re working on a hybrid model but find it hard to make time for more social connection with your colleagues, often due to a myriad of technology distractions, this workshop is for you. During this workshop we explore the impact of digital overload at work and home and look at different ways that a digital detox can give us back some time to go ‘old school’ and interact socially with our colleagues and even our friends and families. Attendees will leave with lots of hints and tips and practical ideas that they can put into action straight away.

The Power of Connection 

Although we’ve managed to figure out boundaries in a new world of work and how to make the most of where we work, some of us find it difficult to build social connection with our colleagues. The ‘water cooler’ moments are less frequent, you can’t drop by a colleagues desk and ask a question. This workshop explores the power of human connection. The primary way we connect with others is through communication. We will explore different ways to nail communication that will help us re-connect with our colleagues as well as the teams and stakeholders we engage with.

Managing Conflict Better

This workshop will try to help you understand what conflict is and what does conflict mean to you.

The workshop will help you raise your awareness on ways in which people deal with conflict. You will learn two main approaches to resolving conflict and how these two approaches interact. In addition to this, you will become aware of different conflict resolution styles that can be used in different situations.

Motivation from the Self-Determination Theory Angle

This workshop highlights differences in motivational orientations, the importance of context on

motivation plus our interpersonal perceptions. During the workshop, we will share the three basic

psychological needs that need to be present for you to function optimally. When these needs are

met, individuals seek to extend themselves and integrate what they experience. Also, we share the sequence of self- determination in relation to extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

Personal Resilience

In this workshop, we will look at what is resilience and the importance of having resilience. Also, we will carry out an exercise at identifying resilience in people. Finally, we will cover building blocks of resilience and share practical tips and techniques to build resilience.

General Wellbeing and Self Care
General Wellbeing and Self Care

How to Heal your Relationship with Food

Our relationship with food can be complex and there are many messages we hear about food and our body image. This workshop focuses on exploring your thinking around food, looking at the beliefs you may hold around food, why we eat the way we do and looking at developing a more positive relationship with food.


12 ways to love yourself - A Heal Your Life Workshop 

Based off the philosophies of Louise Hay, this workshop looks at 10 different ways that we can start to love ourselves more. This workshop will introduce attendees to different ways of self-love and self-care.


The Importance of a Healthy Body Image 

‘Body image’ is a term that can be used to describe how we think and feel about our bodies. Our thoughts and feelings about our bodies can impact us throughout our lives, affecting, more generally, the way we feel about ourselves and our mental health and wellbeing. Having a positive body image has been linked to better overall wellbeing and fewer unhealthy dieting behaviours.

This workshop covers: What is body image? What’s influences body image? How body image can impact your health. How to improve your body image.

The Magic of Self-belief 

The Magic of Self Belief workshop is excellent to introduce attendees to the basic principles of how to change their lives by becoming aware of beliefs and changing their thinking. This workshop looks at beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviour, the self-esteem toolbox, affirmations and visualisations.


Dressing for Success 

This workshop is designed to highlight how what we wear can influence our confidence in both our professional and personal life. When we feel confident it affects our performance and our outcomes.

Key areas such as: How your image helps your confidence, How to create your professional image, Key elements of style that help you feel confident, The power of wearing colour, A clear definition of what the organisations dress code is and isn’t.

Recharge and Thrive: Harnessing the power of Sleep and Rest for Enhanced Energy and Focus

This workshop explores the importance of sleep and slowing down to help individuals operate at their best in work and life. Attendees will delve into the critical role of sleep and rejuvenating rest in maintaining physical and mental health. Throughout this workshop, we will explore the impact of sleep deprivation on performance, sleep hygiene practices, energy management techniques, mindful exercises to help with sleep, productivity reflection, clarifying boundaries and digital detox. We will equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to prioritise sleep and rest, leading to improved focus, energy, engagement, and overall work-life balance.

Influence and Impact 

Unlock your potential to make a meaningful impact in our Influence and Impact session. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees will have a greater understanding of influence and its relationship to power. We’ll explore sources of power and how we can expand and utilise power ethically to influence and have impact. We’ll demonstrate the use of influencing styles and tools including empathy and rapport, develop persuasive communication skills, learn to build trust and credibility, and discover the art of influential leadership. Discover the secrets of effective storytelling, influence without authority, and navigating complex situations with confidence.

Recognising Strengths 

Identifying strengths is the secret to unlocking the potential of every individual and every team. Research shows that people who use their strengths are happier, more confident, have higher levels of energy and vitality, experience less stress, are more resilient & more likely to achieve goals. Being motivated & enjoying what you do leads to engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organisations. In this workshop, we will help you to recognise your individual and collective strengths to maximise your potential and the potential of those around you.

Building Trust 

Trust is the foundation that empowers relationships and fuels collaboration. This workshop is designed to enhance trust and credibility in personal and professional relationships. Attendees will learn key principles and practical strategies to foster trust, such as open and honest communication, active listening, empathy, and integrity. Through interactive discussions and exercises, attendees will gain insights into building rapport, resolving conflicts, and maintaining trust in diverse environments. Attendees will have a toolkit to create trusting connections and foster collaborative environments, ultimately enhancing their personal and professional success.

The Power of Gratitude

Discover the transformative power of gratitude. Delve into the scientifically proven benefits, including improved physical & psychological health, enhanced empathy, reduced aggression, elevated self-esteem, strengthened relationships, and increased mental resilience, among many others. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, this workshop will guide you on a journey towards cultivating a gratitude practice. Gain valuable insights on the techniques & strategies to integrate gratitude into your daily life, fostering a positive mindset and creating a ripple effect of gratitude in your personal and professional relationships. Unlock the potential of gratitude for your overall well-being & fulfilment.


The Power of Perspective 

“Just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong”. Perspective is the ability to see the bigger picture in life. Perspective enables people to learn from mistakes and from the strengths of others. In this workshop, learn how to avoid getting wrapped up in the small details when there are bigger issues to consider. Attendees will gain practical tools to broaden their horizons, enhance critical thinking, and foster inclusive environments. This workshop is designed to empower individuals with the ability to embrace diverse viewpoints, expand their understanding of the world, and navigate complex situations with openness and insight.


Understanding Your Wellbeing 

This workshop gives participants a chance to look at all the areas of their wellbeing , Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Environmental. Each element is looked at and the attendees can create a personalised plan for each area, giving them a great tool to take away and implement.

Improving Communication

Effective communication is the communication which produces intended or desired results. It helps us to understand, form connections, build trust and respect, and resolve differences. Yet poor communication can have us shying away from expressing a concern, raising awareness, asking for help, making suggestions for change, and discussing personal matters. In this workshop you will gain insights into adapting communication styles for various contexts, fostering meaningful connections, and navigating challenging conversations. We will explore the power of nonverbal communication, active listening, and persuasive techniques, and provide you with tools to express yourself authentically, build strong relationships, and achieve the results you want.

Effective Communication 

Never before has communication been such a critical skill for all levels. This workshop will explore how to improve impact and presence at work using communication. It will cover the 3 C’s of Communication and touch on some pitfalls or pet peeves that are important for everyone to be aware of from the top email peeves, things we do unconsciously in our communication, to looking at the digital volume. Throughout we will share some practical ideas you can put into action and also share some of our own insights and experiences.


Sharing the Load 

This workshop will dig into what the impact of what this mental load/emotional labour/invisible work/second shift is having on your life, your career and your relationships. Based on the theory from Eve Rodsky's Fair Play, we'll first look at the data - what is going on and what's the true impact of this load. Is there really an ambition gap or is it an exhaustion gap? The participants dig into solution mode - what are some tangible takeaways that you can implement in your life that will make things easier and rebalance that load.

Your Life...Organised

This workshop is full of practical information which attendees can put into practice immediately to create change and enhance their wellbeing: What is clutter? Types of clutter - physical/mental/digital. The effects of clutter/disorganisation. The participants will understand the benefits of decluttering and then how to get organised and where to start. This workshop will provide practical hints and tips for creating a functional system to make the most of your day.

The Basics of Exercise and Nutrition (inc 15 min HIIT workout)

A straightforward guide to exercise & nutrition. Here we touch on the basics of exercise and the various types along with physical activity guidelines. We also look at the basics of nutrition - What are macro and micronutrients? We look at carbohydrates, fats & protein along with guidance on how to create a balanced diet. There will also be tips & advice on fitting exercise into a busy schedule, and we will finish off this session with a Q&A and a 15 HIIT Session.

Deeper Dive into the Basics of Exercise and Nutrition (no HIIT)

This workshop will delve a deeper into the basics of exercise and Nutrition. We will look at daily calorie targets and the importance of them being sustainable. We will also look at ways in how we can adopt and nurture a more balanced approach to our nutrition and the importance of having a healthy relationship with food. We will finish off this session with a Q&A.

Prep Ahead in the Kitchen

If you ever wanted to save time and money whilst reducing your stress levels surrounding your kitchen then this is the workshop for you. This interactive cookery workshop will allow you to discover how to get ahead in the kitchen with the use of meal planning, batch cooking and imaginative ways to use leftovers. Not only will you learn how to make the most from your time in the kitchen but also save money and prevent food waste. All attendees will receive a kitchen toolkit that will include the full step-by-step recipes and a weekly kitchen planner.

Achievable Everyday Cooking

This interactive cookery workshop covers the basics of cooking from scratch and everyday healthy eating. Throughout this workshop, attendees will learn how to eat with balance every day using simple and achievable recipes for all times of the day. Emphasis will be placed on the balance of food groups, portion sizes and eating sustainably and seasonally. All attendees will receive the full step-by-step recipes.

What is Mindfulness & Why Practice It?
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the concept of Mindfulness. Together, we will explore what mindfulness is (and isn’t) and look at what stops us from being mindful in everyday life. We will briefly look at the practices and tools of mindfulness, both formal and informal, and examine the benefits of these practices. Participants will finally be invited to engage in a brief formal mediation. Participants will leave with an understanding of mindfulness practices, how they can practically be incorporated in daily living and the potential benefits to their personal and work lives.

The “Mindful Toolbox”
“Practice your skills, sharpen your tools, do the best job you can (Juliet Marillier)”. In this workshop, participants will be briefly introduced to the concept of Mindfulness. Together we will explore what mindfulness is (and isn’t) and look at what stops us from being mindful in everyday life. We will examine the meaning of a “Mindful Toolbox” and take an introductory look at the various, science backed, tools and practices (taken from mindfulness-based programmes and positive psychology) that can make up a mindful toolbox. Finally, participants will be invited to engage in a brief formal meditation. This workshop will equip participants with an understanding of mindfulness and how to create their own mindful toolbox to take into their daily personal/work lives.

How to Communicate Mindfully
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the mindful approach to communication. By initially defining mindfulness and its connection to increased self-awareness, participants will briefly consider their own communication style and whether it is helpful/unhelpful (particularly around difficult communications). The exploration will continue around mindful communication and the importance of mindful listening. Participants will be invited to engage in a brief formal mindfulness mediation, which is helpful during difficult communications. Participants will leave with a fuller understanding of their own communication style and the potential benefits of a more mindful form of communication with colleagues, friends and family.

Shifting Perspective Mindfully – Creative Responding
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the mindful approach to shifting perspective. By initially defining mindfulness and its connection to increased self-awareness, Participants will initially look the meaning of the mindful attitude of “Beginner’s Mind”. Through a fun exercise, together we will go on to look into the concept of perception, how opinions/perceptions are formed/influenced and how it can affect the quality of our lives.
We will continue to explore how a mindful approach can clarify our patterns/habits around perception and how we can choose to change/alter our perception, when helpful. Participants will be invited to engage in a brief appropriate formal mindfulness mediation. Participants will gain some insights into the theme of perception, how their own perception may have been shaped and influenced and how these insights can provide opportunity for
change which can positively impact both work and personal life.

How do I spend my time? – Nourishing & Depleting Activities
In this interactive workshop, participants will look at the mindful approach to examining how we spend our time. By initially defining mindfulness and its connection to increased self-awareness, we delve into the question, “Do the choices I’m making support my well-being?”. Participants will be asked to bring their pen and paper along and complete the “Nourishing/Depleting Activities Exercise” and reflect on their daily activities and consider
any potential beneficial changes that could be considered. Finally, participants will be invited to engage in a brief mindfulness meditation. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of how they spend their time, it’s impact on themselves and those around them and choices available to them.

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