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Ronald McDonald House Charities Wellness Programme

We are honoured to partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities and get the opportunity to design, deliver and manage their Wellbeing Programme.  We have created this programme to give the families staying at the House some time out to focus on them, to invest in themselves and boost and build their wellbeing.


We are so proud of the Wellbeing Programme we have created. To get to work with and also make an impact on those that really need it is a pleasure. 


The programme covers all elements of holistic well-being and has been tailored to the specific needs of each family member.


We focus on 3 main themes – 1. Mind | 2. Body | 3. Life

Family members are invited to attend tailored workshops, sessions and initiatives based on their needs. We want to create, implement and sustain a strong legacy of support for families, including children and siblings, during times of unexpected need.

The Calendar of Events has been developed with a complete family focus and all classes and their facilitators have been created with families in mind.

There will be weekly person-to-person workshops available, for those who can attend, and the added support of virtual catch-back classes and content via the RMHC App, so there is absolutely no added stress or pressure on parents to leave the hospital.

We've Got You
Wellness Pack

Our wellbeing pack forms the foundation of our wellbeing programme. It is our way to show families the 'We've Got You'.


Each item in the pack has been carefully designed and selected to have a positive impact on parents and siblings staying at the House.


The feedback on the pack has been overwhelmingly positive. We could not have envisaged the impact it is having on parents, siblings and also children staying in CHI at Crumlin.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 16.55.08.png

The pack comes in a 'We've Got You' backpack and includes the following;

  • Specially designed 'We've Got You' wellness journal for parents staying at RHMC. The journal covers all elements of wellbeing with space to note how individuals are feeling, their thoughts, their plans and their child's journey.

  • Children's wellbeing journal which allows children of all ages to reflect on their own wellbeing on a weekly basis. It focuses on areas such as gratitude, how they've helped others, their feelings etc.

  • The Good Glow Guidance Cards for Adults & Children are a fantastic source of positivity for adults and children alike. They are packed with positive affirmations to help individuals to be reflect, be grateful and focus on the small positives in life.

  • 'We've Got You' water bottle and pen

  • Mindful colouring book and colouring pencils

  • Soft toy for children

  • Other items include a phone charger, crayons and other items which are donated to RMHC

Laura Yoga
Sarah Naylor
Niamh Mullins
Sarah Naylor 2
Wellbeing Pack
Our Workshops

• Play Therapy

• Teenage Workshops

• Reiki

• Yoga

• Bereavement Counselling

• Parenting & Guilt Workshops

• Coaching Sessions

• Beauty Treatments​/Wash Cut & Blow Dry

• Financial Guidance

• Wellbeing Counselling

• Meditation


"First me time in 9 weeks, I really enjoyed it as there was no talk of hospitals or sickness."

"Unreal, so unreal what a lovely treat!"



We are so proud of the Wellness Programme in Ronald McDonald House Charities. To get to work with and also make an impact on those that really need it is a pleasure. If you feel like you need a tailored programme to your wellness needs, please reach out. We would be happy to discuss everything with you.

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